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    Camping on a Budget

    Nothing can please our family more than a fun-filled, good-‘ol camping trip! Here in Canada, a lot of us agonize through the long, grey, cold winter months (generally around 6 months), with cabin fever driving us crazy. When that snow and cold clear, we Canadians are ready to “hit the road” like Road-runner being chased by Coyote! Here are some ways we do some camping on a budget. With the cost of everything sky-rocketing these days, it is sometimes a difficult task for families to get away and enjoy a trip together. It has many times been a challenge for our large family to do this. At times it calls…

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    Top 5 Nutritional Foods

    Eating a balanced and healthy diet can be quite a challenge. With so many tempting and unhealthy choices out there, it is easy to give in to those choices. And with a tight daily schedule, it is a bigger challenge to eat healthy on-the-go. Here are the top 5 nutritional foods to include in your daily diet for better health. Top Healthy Foods and Benefits In my opinion, you can’t get a much healthier choice than garlic and onion. They can be added to the majority of your meals and both fight and prevent so many health ailments. It also aids in weight loss and keeps your system running in…

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    My Coping Strategies as a Mom

    Life as a mom of 5 can have its definite challenges and exhausting times. We have 2 young live wires in our family who by the end of some of our days, can leave us frazzled and mentally exhausted.Here are some coping strategies I use to keep myself level-headed and relieve some built-up stress. Take Mommy Time-outs Periodically throughout your day take a few minutes to put yourself on time-out when the going gets too tough. Look to an older, responsible child, your spouse, a friend or family member, who is close by to allow you those moments to go and collect yourself and give your mind some peace and…

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    Managing Bipolar

    Through my years of being personally linked to a spouse who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, I have come to gain a lot of knowledge about the disease. The sufferer and those linked to them may lose all hope that there is no managing Bipolar but let me tell you…there is! Here are some ways we are managing Bipolar symptoms and find happiness. The first few years of our relationship was so hard and honestly frightening. I was not prepared to deal with and support what I was experiencing. I came into the relationship only knowing that Bipolar was “moody” which I naively believed I could handle “no problem”! The unexpected…

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    About Us

    Our Family

    I would like to introduce our family to you. We are Dad, Mom, and 5 children ranging from 4 years old to 20. All born and raised here in Ontario, Canada. My spouse is French and I am English. It has been so enjoyable to have the French language in our home and bit by bit we are picking up more of the language all the time (mind you it is a slow process!). Our families are scattered around Ontario and Quebec. I have only three close family members still living as I come from a small family. It has been such a joy for my first two children and…

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    Our Suffering Education System

    Bullying (verbal, physical and cyber), drugs, racism, and non-compliance. What changes can be made to decrease these problems? How do we create an environment for our children to accomplish a good education with all that is happening around them? Our Teachers Our teachers cannot cope and perform their jobs efficiently with children so out of control. And we are facing many educational budget cuts, lay-offs and job losses of thousands of our teachers. It is a terrible reality of what is happening to our education system. If positive changes are not made in the very near future, the system will fail. Teachers work hard to obtain their degrees and the…

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    About Poly Cystic Kidney Disease

    PKD (or Poly Cystic Kidney Disease) is an incurable genetic disorder that can affect any ethnic and racial group. It causes fluid-filled cysts to grow within the kidneys that eventually prevent the kidneys from proper function. It may also lead to kidney failure in the later stages of the disease. There are two types of Poly Cystic Kidney Disease: Autosomal dominant (ADPKD) and autosomal recessive (ARPKD). ADPKD affects approximately 12.4 million people worldwide as it is the more common type of the disease. ARPKD is the rare form of the disease affecting around 1 in 20,000 children worldwide. Typically your kidney is about the size of your fist and weighs…

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    Wife and Caregiver

    Being a wife as we know ladies, has it’s wonderful and desirable pluses. But…sometimes it isn’t always a walk in the park. I am a wife and caregiver to my spouse so it can be quite challenging. There are a million and one reasons being a wife can be a hard shoe to fill so I will focus this blog on why it is challenging for me. I am a wife and caregiver to my spouse 24/7 as he has severe Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder (social, etc), and learning disabilities. I have come to learn that Bipolar Disorder is one of the hardest disorders an individual can live with. It…