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My Coping Strategies as a Mom

Life as a mom of 5 can have its definite challenges and exhausting times. We have 2 young live wires in our family who by the end of some of our days, can leave us frazzled and mentally exhausted.Here are some coping strategies I use to keep myself level-headed and relieve some built-up stress.

Take Mommy Time-outs

Periodically throughout your day take a few minutes to put yourself on time-out when the going gets too tough. Look to an older, responsible child, your spouse, a friend or family member, who is close by to allow you those moments to go and collect yourself and give your mind some peace and quiet.

Strap on Some Earbuds

If no one is available to help, putting the child down for a nap, or sitting with them while they watch a show they enjoy while you listen to some stress relieving music, nature sounds, or whatever you can enjoy through your earbuds will aid you while the child remains safe. If they need you they will be right next to you and do use this method for just short stints. It doesn’t take long to reset and continue your day as you need to.

Visit the Outdoors

In the good weather, going outside and listening to the birds, and taking some long deep breaths works wonders for me. It’s amazing what fresh air and sunshine can do to clear your thoughts and reset your mood. Taking your child out to play is my most effective method as they are more entertained and their noise seems far less like sound arrows in your brain. You can enjoy and so can they.

Create Your Own Spa

Having a nice relaxing hot bath or shower can work absolute wonders to melt off the nerve stress. You do need someone who can mind your child for a short time to use this strategy but it is very effective. To add to the relaxation, some soft music and a candle can give the feeling of relaxing at the spa. Instruct the kids that no one is to interact with Mommy while she is on her time-out. Use an incentive such as their choice of a game or activity with you when you are back in the game.

It is vital for you and your children to take these moments for yourself, for you all to stay happy, healthy, and content as a family unit.

I would love to share some of your coping methods too! Please leave a comment.

I have added some links below on more parental coping strategies.



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