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I would like to introduce our family to you.

We are Dad, Mom, and 5 children ranging from 4 years old to 20. All born and raised here in Ontario, Canada. My spouse is French and I am English. It has been so enjoyable to have the French language in our home and bit by bit we are picking up more of the language all the time (mind you it is a slow process!).

Our families are scattered around Ontario and Quebec. I have only three close family members still living as I come from a small family. It has been such a joy for my first two children and I getting to know the family of my spouse. They have become such an added blessing to our lives.

I have two children from previous marriage (my 1st husband who passed away), and I share one child with my current spouse. He has two girls from previous marriage. So we are an interesting group of individuals, all with our own unique stories and personalities. It never gets boring in our house!

One and a half years after the passing of my first husband, my current spouse and I met online. He resided in Northern Ontario and me in Central Ontario. It was a long distance dating system online for one month until we could not resist the desire to meet. And it all took off like a whirlwind from there. We have been together since.

Now all of us enjoy our lives residing in Northern Ontario to be closer to my step-daughter (my spouse’s youngest girl) in Northern Quebec. We have never felt as at home until we tasted life here in the North and all its beauty. I cannot imagine living south again.

With our great love for the outdoors, camping has been our favorite pass time in summers. We enjoy exploring the trails and scenic points of interest in our hikes together. All of us love the water and swim all summer. You will rarely find us indoors in the good weather as winter is quite hard on our family. None of us do well with the cold and snow. This family should have been born in a warm climate!

I will enjoy sharing more with you in my future blogs covering many interesting and helpful topics.

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