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Our Suffering Education System

Bullying (verbal, physical and cyber), drugs, racism, and non-compliance. What changes can be made to decrease these problems? How do we create an environment for our children to accomplish a good education with all that is happening around them?

Our Teachers

Our teachers cannot cope and perform their jobs efficiently with children so out of control. And we are facing many educational budget cuts, lay-offs and job losses of thousands of our teachers. It is a terrible reality of what is happening to our education system. If positive changes are not made in the very near future, the system will fail.

Teachers work hard to obtain their degrees and the skills they have. They provide a service to our families that we could not do without. Our teachers deal with extremely high-stress situations every day. Many of us would not be able to handle what they do eight hours per day. They work to protect and educate our children to the best of their ability.

I spoke with a teacher not too long ago and he had enlightened me on the situation. He mentioned how out of control things have gotten in the schools in a short period of time. He said both the students and their parents have become equally hard to deal with. I am hearing comments like these in different circles. These statements are made by professionals who live with it daily.

How These Problems Affect Us

It has been tough for our family over the past four school years. Our children are being consistently bullied verbally, physically, and through cyberspace. We have begun to see our children’s desire to attend school fade. This makes me sad and full of worry as a parent.

Our children often arrive home with long faces and in tears. They explain to us about the verbal and physical harassment by others in the classroom and the school yard. I do understand that this has been occurring between kids for decades, but not to the degree it has become or the frequency.

We stay on top of this behavior by communicating about it with them. We make them aware that there are consequences for poor behavior. Unfortunately, many children do not receive this guidance at home. It starts at home to help create well-behaved children.

Actions for Change

We need a government that will begin to give priority to the important factors. Much more focus and funding must be placed in our schools and education system or it will cease to thrive.

We can help our children at home by talking to them about how things went with their day and any problems they had. Giving them guidance on the proper ways to handle situations can really help them to change their approach and behavior with others.

Setting boundaries and consequences regarding behavior will help them make better choices. The key is consistency with children. If they know they can get away with misbehavior, they will. Set consequences that will be effective such as strict grounding and the removal of their devices.

Communicate with teachers and share with them the consequences for poor behavior. Allow the teacher to remind them of these should they not listen and get a call home.

Here are some very informative links I have added in regards to some of the blossoming educational problems that we are facing all over the globe.

Behavioral Management

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